Protection for Solar PV Panels

Solar PV Panel Protection

Photovoltaic or Solar PV Panels derive power and energy from the sun and convert it into a high level DC voltage.

Protection for Solar PV Panels

This DC must then be converted into AC for practical use. The resultant AC is then synchronised with the main household AC supply or fed back into the grid.

At Western Automation we have developed specialist technology to provide protection against electric shock and fire that might occur on Solar PV Panels. Insulation breakdowns occur due to the solar panels exposure to the elements and harsh environments. In such an event, we need to create protection against DC fault current and/or AC fault currents.

Western Automation has developed solutions to overcome this problem by utilising Type B RCD technology for fault current protection, and arc fault current detection technology for fire protection.

Photovoltaic or Solar PV Panel Protection Technology

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