Weather Proof Housing with RCD/GFCI

Weather Proof Housing with RCD/GFCI Products

Environmental conditions are paramount to electrical safety.

Products or technologies that are used for outdoor applications must be weatherproof and suitable for use at extremes of temperatures consistent with their intended application. Equipment installed that is not fit for purpose will deteriorate very quickly and thereby pose a potential shock or fire risk.

At Western Automation we have developed a range of weatherproof housings with fitted sockets. The housing can include an RCD which provides added protection for the user. The RCD is fitted within the weather proof housing and in the event of a fault that causes the RCD to trip the user can reset and/or test the RCD quickly and easily via the housing. Conventional weather proof housings with integrated RCDs had a major problem in that the RCD was inaccessible when the weather proof cover was closed. The user would have to open the housing to test or reset the RCD. Furthermore the status of the RCD could not be determined without opening the weather proof cover.

Western Automation has developed a range of weather proof RCD protected housings where the RCD functions are accessible to the user when the weather proof cover is closed. This enables the user to see the status of the RCD at any given time, to test and to reset the RCD without opening the weather proof cover.

The RCD has a membrane based fascia that is fully weather proof and includes high visibility LEDs and the test and reset buttons. The RCD also incorporates STEOL, self-testing and end of life indication. Furthermore, the unit will advise the users of the current state of the RCD, e.g. protection mode and self testing, or fault state.

All of this vital information is visible from the outside of the unit which is fully weatherproofed.

Weather Proof Housings with RCD Protection Technology

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