Electrical Protection in Mines & Tunnels

Electrical Protection in Mines & Tunnels

Mines and tunnels have a unique problem in that not only is there a greater risk of electrical faults due to the harsh environment, shock, vibration and various physical factors, but furthermore removing power could be more dangerous than a fault itself.

Shock risk however must be mitigated where possible.

Electrical Protection in Mines & TunnelsAt Western Automation we can provide protection technology for monitoring the level of leakage current, standing residual current and residual fault currents in mines and tunnels. Our technology allows for accurate measurement of AC or DC currents that can be monitored over time. In the event of the current reaching an unacceptable level our solution activates an alarm to alert the maintenance crew who can then repair the fault in a timely manner.

We also provide RCD solutions by installing an S Type RCD. S Type RCDs are designed to provide a delayed response rather than trip instantly. Mines and tunnels are especially sensitive areas and as previously mentioned power should not be removed unless it is absolutely necessary. By installing an S Type RCD we can differentiate between an actual fault and a momentary transient blip or current surge.

Western Automation specialises in critical environments such as mines and tunnels and has invested much time and resources in developing our expertise in such areas. Our RCD technologies, both AC and DC can be used in critical environments for monitoring, leakage current detection and fault current detection, to enhance safety and provide protection against electric fire and shock.

Tunnels can present a greater fire risk due to the build-up of gases or dust that can contribute to spontaneous combustion. Arcing under such conditions could result in electrical fire.

WA can provide arc fault protection technology for use in AFCIs or AFDDs specifically suited to such environments.

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