Experts in IEC, UL & CENELEC RCD & GFCI Product Standards

Experts in IEC, UL & CENELEC RCD & GFCI Product Standards

Product standards play a vital role in the electrical design and installation industry.

They essentially set the rules to ensure maximum safety and protection for users.

They provide vital regulation for product design and development to enhance the safety and protection of electrical products.

There is a wide variety of standards enforced internationally and as Western Automation works with global customers it is of the up-most importance that we are fully informed and familiar with each of the specific product standards and regulatory bodies. We use and refer to standards documents throughout our technology integration process to ensure the product meets all requirements at each stage in the design process.

The International Electrical Commission (IEC) is the leading world body in the development of product standards. In general IEC develop a set of standards and these are often adopted by member countries but also by organisations such as CENELEC, the European Body for Standardisation. Cenlec will generally produce a harmonized version of the IEC standard for adoption throughout its member countries.

The Nafta countries (USA, Canada and Mexico) generally produce a tripartite product standard to cover requirements for GFCIs in their region.

Western Automation has relevant expertise to develop GFCI technology to meet Nafta county requirements. It is our many years of experience, R&D, investment and deep knowledge of global product standards that gives our customers assurances that their final product will be of the highest quality with sale-ability across the globe.

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