RCDs & GFCIs incorporating Self-Test & End of Life (STEOL)

Self-Testing & End of Life RCDs

Western Automation is at the forefront in the development of Self Testing RCD technology.

While RCDs are fitted with test buttons for user testing of the RCD, it is well known that users rarely perform this function. This may be due to many reasons, for example the location of the RCD may be inaccessible or there may also be a genuine lack of awareness on behalf of the user to test the RCD.

When an RCD fails the only way the user will become aware of the fault is when the protective function fails.

Western Automation has designed new technology with means to self-test the RCD taking the onus for testing from the user. Our technology ensures that the RCD performs self-tests throughout the life of the product, and when the product finally fails the self-test, the end of life feature is activated. The WA STEOL based RCD performs self-testing every 2 to 3 seconds throughout the life of the product. It does this by generating a residual fault current within the RCD and this fault current is detected. In the event that the simulated fault current is not detected the End of Life function is activated. The EOL function may auto trip the RCD to put it out of use or light an LED to show that the RCD is no longer functioning.

The generic industry term for Self-Testing RCDs is STEOL, Self-Testing and End of Life. While this technology is a relatively new concept it is only a matter of time before most RCDs are fitted with STEOL functionality.

WA offers STEOL based solutions in the form of technology that OEMs can integrate into their product and we also provide STEOL based RCD products compliant to IEC/EN 61008 and IEC/EN 61009.

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