Providing Immunity to Electrical Noise

Electrical Noise

Noise or interference can be defined as undesirable electrical signals which distort or interfere with the main supply voltage.

Providing Immunity to Electrical Noise

Electrical noise can be transient or sustained. Unpredictable transient noise is caused for example by lightning. Constant noise can be due to the predictable 50 or 60 hertz AC ‘hum’ from power circuits or harmonic multiples of power frequency close to a data communications cable.

If we take an electrical drill for example it will have carbon brushes that will cause arcing and this will generate electrical noise that can cause a disturbance on the main supply. If the electrical noise is above a certain level it will be seen by the RCD and it may adversely affect the performance of the RCD and possibly remove some or all of its intended protection, or cause nuisance tripping.

At Western Automation we perform in-depth testing on our Electrical Noise solutions. Using EMC equipment we can generate specific circumstance above the normal conditions, often testing the technology to end of life. We push the solution to extremes of testing to ensure it can withstand a variety of potential circumstances without adverse reaction.

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