50 Million RCD products Worldwide use WA Technology

Experts in RCD Technology

Western Automation Research & Development provides products and technologies for protection against electric shock and electrical faults for AC and DC installations, photovoltaic (PV) systems, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging, and much more.

We achieve this by detecting dangerous AC and DC residual, leakage and earth fault currents in accordance with IEC, Cenelec and UL standards. Our technology is covered by world-wide patents. These products are generally referred to as Residual Current Devices (RCDs) in most of the world. In North America these products are generally referred to as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs).

The company was established in 1985 as an independent designer and developer of technologies for RCDs and secured its first patent less than 12 months after inception. Manufacturing began shortly after this and the company grew from strength to strength predominately operating in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France and Australia.

In the early 1990’s the company set up a dedicated Design Centre and recruited additional highly skilled design engineers. This resulted in a significant increase in R&D capability and enabled the company to develop new technologies such as DC Fault Current Sensing, Self Testing and End Of Life Indication and much more. The R&D effort has also been focused on assisting clients with very specific technical problems or technical requirements. As a result of the above, we are proud to state the following:

There are over 50 million products worldwide with Western Automation RCD technology inside.

Today, Western Automation continues to work with OEMs across the globe and is highly regarded as an expert in RCD technology.

Electrical Protection in Mines & Tunnels

RCD Technology Applications

Western Automation technology can be found in nearly all residential, commercial and industrial applications and are specifically designed to reduce the risk of electric shock, fault currents, arc faults or fire. Our technology is fitted in numerous applications including but not limited to:

 European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland

Projects Description: R&D initiatives in this company are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.

Project 1:

Aims: To develop two new components aimed at increasing R&D activity which will drive company development.

Results: One new component has been successfully developed to date. As a result, new products are being developed.

Project 2:

Aims: To develop an improved Product Lifecycle Management system in order improve the management of existing and new product design data.

Results: To date relevant documents have been accumulated and are in the process of being uploaded on to the PLM system.

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